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OIVO VR Headset for Nintendo Switch Review


Virtual reality is unavoidable at this point. It has already begun to alter the video game industry. It is undeniably a relatively new technology, though. The opportunities that virtual reality presents are thus not known to everyone. Therefore, you must be knowledgeable if you intend to take advantage of the unique experience that virtual reality offers.

Right now, it’s an intriguing challenge to choose the best VR headset. Virtual reality (VR) headsets that work with your Nintendo Switch gaming system are a must-have for any game you want to play!

You can spend several hundred dollars trying to find the best components in a virtual reality headset, but in my opinion, comfort and simplicity of use are more crucial factors for the majority of people who want to experiment with VR.

In light of this, the OIVO Headset is the undisputed winner if you’re looking for something more sophisticated or perhaps more reasonably priced. Read on to learn more about this practical product and its features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Easy to assembleSome users claimed that the straps are hard to adjust
Value for money

What Is a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset?

The technology behind virtual reality is evolving quickly, as are headsets and other pieces of equipment. Consumer technologies are increasingly utilizing virtual reality headsets. With the aid of a virtual reality headset, users can engage with virtual environments and get a first-person perspective (FPV).

An interactive and immersive audiovisual experience is provided by a VR headset, a head-mounted device with stereo sound, controllers, a display screen, and sensors.

In the modern era, mobile VR headsets—basically goggles that can hold a smartphone—have made it possible for VR applications to become more widely available. Each VR headset aims to give the user an experience that feels so genuine they forget they are wearing a headset at all.

Stereoscopic technology, which gives each eye a separate image, is typically found in virtual reality headsets. When a user dons a virtual reality (VR) headset, they cannot see anything in the immediate environment. They can only view VR content, such as videos and games, projected on the display screen.

Virtual reality (VR) headsets allow users to enter a 360-degree environment that allows them to turn and look around just like they would in the real world. These environments can be movies, games, or 360-degree VR environments that have been prerecorded.

Most VR headsets on the market today use hand-held control systems that work similarly to joysticks. Eliminating latency to lessen headaches, nausea, and disorientation in viewers is a development challenge for all VR headsets and apps.

More advanced designs might include haptic gloves that let users move through the virtual environment with the help of their fingers, gestures, touches, and other movements.

Features of OIVO VR Headset for Nintendo Switch

Ergonomic Design ★★★★★

The multisensory nature of the human experience causes it to change in response to individual experiences and shifts in perception. With the development of new technologies, ergonomics has become an essential discipline for human interaction, ensuring high usability, proper functionality, and the most diverse range of possible outcomes.

Nobody likes to feel confined or boxed in. To account for the fact that our bodies move more naturally in arcs than in straight lines, 3D space must include arcs. It is possible to build on existing workspace design guidelines to foresee the necessary specifications as technologies advance, but people remain the same.

In addition to taking advantage of the comfy padding of this product, you will be able to adjust the fit of the fit to your particular head size and shape by using the adjustable head strap. The favorite aspect of the materials is their lightweight feel, which will prevent you from overheating.

You can adjust the size to fit everyone’s head, add type C portholes for heat dissipation, thicken the material to be more comfortable against your face, and remove the joy-cons while playing, unlike regular cardboard VR that does not allow full range of motion with the joysticks and some of the buttons are partially covered, making it challenging to use them quickly.

Lightweight ★★★★☆

The highest level of worlds, real or imagined, can be experienced through virtual reality. Virtual reality immersion can feel like a sci-fi dream come true, but large, heavy VR headsets almost end up making it more difficult than it’s worth. It’s difficult to make this happen smoothly in a portable wearable device.

A thick, curved lens, which alters the angle of light before it reaches your eyes, requires VR headsets to be large to fit it typically. This is what causes objects to appear farther away in VR than they are. The OIVO VR headset has a cutting-edge design that perfectly fits your face and is incredibly light. As a result, you won’t experience neck pain when using it.

This VR headset has been constructed from both EVA and Oxford materials to ensure a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience. This ensures a secure yet lightweight fit, so you won’t feel constrained or as though you are weighing them down while wearing them.

With its adjustable head strap and additional thick materials to touch one’s face, as well as its construction from EVA and Oxford materials, which are both incredibly lightweight and durable, you won’t have to grip the switch controller too closely to your head. This eliminates the risk of your VR glasses mildewing in wet weather.

Safety Hook & Loop Design ★★★★★

The safety hook and loop design of the OIVO VR Headset is another noteworthy aspect of the device. OIVO has included a hook and loop so that you can attach your Nintendo console to your OIVO VR headset, giving you the assurance that you won’t unintentionally get too engrossed in the game and throw your switch.

It’s simple to use, protects your switch from damage and drops, and you can easily enjoy the 3D world by selecting your favorite YouTube video or VR game and clicking “watch in VR.” A secure hook and loop design option allow for easy access to the good. Even when you move around a lot, it comfortably supports your head and lessens the likelihood that you will fall. It has a feature that is 3D-ready.

Durable ★★★★★

Today, many types of VR headsets are restricted to indoor settings where the user must be connected to power and a safe environment. Thankfully, as technology advances, these obstacles are being removed. No need to worry about your VR glass developing mildew in wet weather because the VR Headset is made of EVA materials, which are extremely lightweight and durable.

You even have the choice to use this headset outside if you’d like to, without worrying that the rain will damage it because of the sturdy glass and waterproof material!

This makes this VR headset the ideal choice for camping trips or backyard gatherings because it allows young children and family members to gather and play VR-compatible switch games without having to be concerned about the weather.


Each of the top VR headsets has distinct advantages and disadvantages, and failing to consider these factors before making a purchase could prove to be a costly oversight. Headsets for virtual reality are undoubtedly a more recent idea in the world of gaming, but as technology advances, their appeal to players is slowly growing.

Almost any gamer, whether they own a gaming device or not, can immerse themselves in cutting-edge virtual reality experiences because of the wide range of VR headsets currently on the market. The top VR headset features a head-mounted gadget that can deliver an experience in virtual reality.

The goal of these models is to deliver a good gaming experience while achieving excellent results. They will be a great source of entertainment and are frequently used for gaming consoles. The OIVO VR Headset for Nintendo Switch is everything you’re looking for, and more if all you want is a basic VR headset that will let you play your favorite VR-compatible games on your Nintendo Switch.

The OIVO’s only limitation is that while it gives you access to the library of Nintendo Switch VR games, you can only play a few of them, including Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Smash Bros.

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