thumbnail Are the Biconvex Lens Important for a VR Headset

Are the Biconvex Lens Important for a VR Headset?

The lenses in a VR headset allow the user to focus on images produced by displays that are very near to their eyes. The lenses are positioned between the monitors and the viewer’s eyes to make the images appear at a comfortable viewing distance. The biconvex lens comprises a convex lens body, a solid lens created by the butt joint of the first and second spherical surface. For the human eye, these are used to create a virtual image, while photographic films or optical sensors are used to create a real image. Still, are they really important for a VR headset?

thumbnail OIVO VR Headset for Nintendo Switch

OIVO VR Headset for Nintendo Switch Review

Virtual reality is unavoidable at this point. It is undeniably a relatively new technology, though. Therefore, you must be knowledgeable if you intend to take advantage of the unique experience that virtual reality offers. Virtual reality (VR) headsets that work with your Nintendo Switch gaming system are a must-have for any game you want to play! For example, the OIVO Headset is the undisputed winner if you’re looking for something more sophisticated or perhaps more reasonably priced. Read on to learn more about this practical product and its features, advantages, and disadvantages.